Cub Sleepover at The Deep



Please add to cart the correct number of tickets you require for Cubs, Young Leaders and Leaders.

Payment is required within 2 weeks to secure your places. If payment is not received, your places will be given to another Pack.

After 17th January 2020, no refunds will be given for cancelled places.

It is advisable to have confirmed numbers from your Pack, before buying your tickets.

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  • Friday 13th March – Saturday 14th March 2020
  • Arrival at 6:00pm and pick-up at 8:00am
  • £23 per Cub
  • £5 per Leader and Young Leader
  • Final numbers need to be in by Friday 17th January 2020

Even though this is a District organised event, NAN forms still need to be sent in to Linda DC by each Pack. A reminder that these are submitted through our online form:

If a Pack wishes to attend, but a Leader does not have a Nights Away Permit, then please get in touch beforehand.

You should ensure that you have the correct ratio of 1:8 adults, being sure not to count Young Leaders as adults in this. A member of the District Team will act as the Leader in charge for the event, so you don’t need to have an extra adult in your ratio for that.

Lastly, please check on Compass that all Leaders and any parents or new adults coming with you have a valid DBS check in place for the event. Their membership numbers are required for your NAN Form.

Please contact Rachael DDC if you have any queries:


On Friday night, Cubs can arrive from 6:00pm. Each Pack will be assigned a door where they will come in on Friday night and leave via on Saturday morning. You will be told this in the weeks before the event and we ask that you communicate it to your parents in advance. Here there will be somewhere to leave their kit whilst they have a tour of the attraction and take part in the activities. Cub Deep Sleepover Kit List. Packed suppers and drinks should be taken out and placed in your coloured trolley here.

Supper will be eaten anywhere around 8:30pm, so please advise parents to feed their Cubs something beforehand. It is easier if their supper is all disposable too, however it is advisable to bring a refillable drinks bottle for the duration of the evening. Adults should bring travel mugs too for hot drinks provided by The Deep.

Based on the number of Cubs in your Pack, The Deep will allocate you to an appropriate sized sleeping area for your Cubs, Leaders and any Young Leaders.

In the morning, after a peaceful (!) night’s sleep, The Deep staff will allocate your Pack a time slot for breakfast and visiting the shop. Parents can pick up from 8:00am on Saturday morning, with everyone out by 8:15am so the staff can do a quick turnaround ready to open to the public.

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